the good life — no. 2

This week’s entry on the Good Life is by wünderblogger and social media maven Justina Blakeney. In addition to being an incredible force in the worlds of style and design, she’s also mom to the sweetly-named Ida, advocate for the artisan, and just generally a kick-in-the-pants to be around. You can follow her here, here and here.

Here’s what Justina considers foundational to living well:

Justina Blakeney by Shauna Nep

After seven years living in Italia (they invented the Good Life, right?) I’ve got a pretty clear idea of what the Good Life includes for me:  sunshine and shade, family and friends, vino and formaggio, bare feet in the sand, music and laughter, sharing, giving back, and a peaceful mind.

And if you wanna throw in a jacuzzi, that’s ok by me, too. :)