the good life — no. 4

Some people are just born chic. That, I’m afraid, is part of the curse my lovely friend Erin Hiemstra must bear as the doyenne at  She’s preternaturally stylish. You can imagine, of course, that she sprang to mind immediately for a series on the good life.

So, without further ado, “The Good Life” according to my lovely friend, Apartment 34′s Erin Hiemstra. Enjoy.

Erin Hiemstra of (Portrait by Emily Johnston Anderson)

Erin Hiemstra of (Portrait by Emily Johnston Anderson)

I recently read this William Morris quote that epitomizes my definition of the good life:
The ideal home should have nothing in it which we do not know to be useful or feel to be beautiful.



After multiple moves in an under a year and finally settling into our San Francisco loft, I’m reveling in having purged three times over. Now we’re surrounded by only what we need and love, nothing more nothing less. It’s heavenly. Added bonus: when you clear out the excess you suddenly find space, both physical and mental, to enjoy all the other requirements for the good life: wonderful food, good wine and sharing both with friends and family! 


{oh and what I like to call the cherry on top of the good life: a beautiful pair of shoes!}