the good life — no. 6

photo by dabito of old brand new

when vanessa invited me to be a part of her new series, the good life, i immediately felt a connection. with so many different types of people, i’m sure there are a billion more ways of defining what a good life is. even for myself, entering into my 30′s and looking back, my sense of what the good life is has definitely changed throughout the years. in my teens, it was all about trying to not be an outcast and figuring out my identity, in my 20′s, it was about finding my dreams and going after them full force to get to what i thought was my idea of a good life & now at this present moment, it has changed definitions once again.

to me, the good life is all about the present moments that we encounter. about enjoying the life that we are given each day, each second. the idea that we are able to breathe, to experience love, to enjoy another’s company… to be. what is more wonderful than living? i’ve always been one to plan ahead, to try and see what steps i needed to take to get to where i wanted to be. although that is still a part of who i am, i’m concentrating on life itself lately. coming to an age where i am being introduced to new life and at the same time having to say my goodbyes to others, it has made me think about what it is that i would want reminisce on when it is my turn to bid farewell to this world. the answer that came up? it was to know whole heartedly that i lived a good life. a life filled with happiness, laughter, amazing people and wonderful memories. things that i’ll be able to cherish and to cherish with others long after i have left. things that will allow me to stay connected to the loved ones that i will have to leave behind, but to know that our connection will live on in our spirits.

 i’ve realized for myself that the good life is, to live in the present moment, fully.

The cover of Satsuki's new album, Neko

The cover of Satsuki’s new album, Neko