home life

I recently was having a conversation with H____,  a very lovely, very successful woman in New York City about aesthetics, cupcakes and social media (if you must know, yes to social media, no to cupcakes) when we hit upon a point in the conversation that veered in a broader direction. She — uptown, well put together, me — less so on all counts, were discussing the relationship between style and gracious living, and what constitutes each. Where we landed: a house filled with books, flowers, friends, family, music and wine is the ideal, and which, if we’re being honest, can but doesn’t have to be sinfully expensive.

Stinginess with time and particularly with wine is never appealing, and generally, I think, curiosity of spirit and generosity of home tend to go together. In this vein, the super-stylish Vogue editor and Moda Operandi co-founder Lauren Santo Domingo’s Pinterest boards have been wonderful to watch. While we clearly move in different socio-economic spheres, I sympathize with her general view about which things are important in day-to-day life, as well as sharing her views about how you integrate those things around you. Hers isn’t simply a collection of interesting but arbitrary things she’s stumbling across, but rather a tightly edited and coherent world view. The result is both beautiful and an education.